Problems need solutions.

Motivated ● Adaptable ● Inventive

Providing innovative solutions for new technologies.

With technical experience in both front and back end web technologies, business and database analytics reporting, and application development and ownership.

Technical BackgroundTechnical Background

A varied technical background with experience learning new technologies on the fly and adjusting capabilities to technical limitations and expectations of the business.


Strong communication skills with business partners and leadership. Supporting growth and development of both internal and external interactions


Building a network of like minded colleagues. Developing and expanding upon relationships both inside and outside the workplace.

Customer OrientedCustomer Oriented

Understanding the needs of the customer and with the ability to anticipate what they are asking and how that related to what is technically possible to both create and implement their needs.


Page and UI Design accounts for one of the most customer facing experiences that one might experience. It can change an experience from positive or negative. It's importance as a tool can't be underestimated.


A process by which you systematically create something over a period of time. Integral to a quality process or application. Strong skills in this area allow for planning and organization.


Understanding of limitations and finding ways to work through them in a timely manner to both overcome the limitation and work to better define those limitations within the scope.


Working with others in a team and sharing information to better solve problems. A key resource to society as a whole and one of the strong components to any good business relationship.

Eggs Benedict

Tool to track metabolic rate and calculate projected weight loss over time using the Harris Benedict Equation. Uses Java Spring Framework, JQuery, MeteorJS backend

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